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Kali Concrete

A family tradition begging to be told.


38 years of stories, and just a minute to tell them.

Kali Concrete stands for much more than your average concrete company. They’re a family of some of the most passionate and hard-working concrete craftsmen’s remaining. They don’t just get your job done, they get it done right, and they do it with the same passion they started with almost forty-years-ago. Troy at Kali Concrete approached OctaneLabs wanting to showcase this passion to a potential new customer looking for concrete services. Our goal was to tell their story in the most authentic way possible and go far beyond the generic script used by everyone else.

To do this, we decided to produce a short promotional video focusing on the tradition of the business, and what it means to the people behind it.

Kali Concrete promo video


Craftsmanship fused with authenticity.

Our promotional video for Kali Concrete told a compelling and genuine story that showcased not only what Kali does, but why they do it. The video was produced to generate an emotional connection with the viewer, providing them insight into the experience and care they will receive when they hire Kali. It establishes a sense of comfort and trust, informing them that the Kali Concrete crew is going to treat their project as if it was their own.

We were able to capture Kali’s message and brand in an authentic and genuine way that has increased online form submissions and sales conversions.

Troy Dungey

President, Kali Concrete

“Every week when I talk to new customers, about half of them tell me they chose my crew over a competitors because of our video. Hearing that from a customer is such a rewarding experience and lets my crew and I know that sweating over every detail doesn’t go unnoticed.”

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